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Inkscape Logo

Inkscape: first experiences with vector graphic design.

I have been designing web pages since 2000. I started out learning html and creating very bad websites. Hey, we have to start some where right? I would dabble with hex codes to change background, text and border colours. If I wanted images I ‘borrowed’ them from other websites and then ‘make them my own’ with terrible image editing skills.…

canva.com screenshot

Canva: Graphic Design for the rest of us

canva.com homepage

canva.com – Graphic Design for the rest of us

Canva is an easy to use, cloud based, web app for graphic design for those that don’t have the skills to create great looking graphics.

Adobe Photoshop has long been the go to app for graphic designers to create their masterpieces. However Photoshop has so many tools that the learning curve is usually very steep for everyday people. Canva attempts to take that learning curve and turn it into a smooth paved road that you can walk on with bare feet.